About Us

Flora - Interior Solutions was started in 1994 and has built an enviable track record in the field of Interior Contracts. We have equipped ourselves with state of the art equipment to cater to the growing demands of quality and timely completion.

Our tenure in this business extends to nearly two decades and has given us the rich experience in handling various kinds of jobs. Having executed works ranging from residential, commercial, institutional, industrial etc., it has given each team member tremendous confidence to reach higher goals and to handle bigger jobs.

At Flora - Interior Solutions we believe in creating spaces that our clients simply love and have a hard time leaving.

We work towards achieving the gauntlet set by an interior designer and bringing their designs to life in the most perfect way possible. We cater to a complete turnkey requirement viz. carpentry, painting, metal works, ceiling, flooring, furniture etc. We also extend our services to other requisites like air conditioning, electrical, furnishings etc. We ensure that the work is completed in the most professional manner and is completed on time.

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