We have some of the best machinery available to ensure that a high quality product is manufactured by us. This combined with our highly trained team of machine operators qualified from AWTI ensures that we are able to deliver on our promises of quality and time. Our workshops of 19000sft are well equipped with the following machinery with over 200kw power supply:

  • Active Drill-63 ( 63 Spindle Borer )
  • Altendorf - WA8T ( Panel Saw )
  • Jade-335 ( Through Feed Edge Banding )
  • Orma RM Air Systems ( Membrane Press )
  • ORMA Hot Press
  • Rover Gold ( CNC Router )
  • Technogem Post Foming Machine

Other than the above mentioned tools we have a Spindle Moulding Machine, Edge Banding, Edge Trimmers ( Manual ), Edge Scrapper ( Manual ) & Edge Profile Trimmer ( Manual ), Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Jack Planner, Router, Trimmer, Drilling Machine, Painting Compressors, 15 HP Pheumatic Screw Compressor, Dust Collectors and Angle Grinder etc..

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