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At Flora Interior Solutions, we don't just offer jobs; we offer careers that make a difference. Our commitment to pushing boundaries has positioned us as leaders in the interior design world, and with that comes the responsibility of fostering a team that embodies our ethos of innovation and excellence. As we chart new territories and redefine what's possible in our industry, we are in search of passionate individuals who are eager to contribute, learn, and grow with us.

Every role in our team is pivotal to our success, and we ensure that our employees are equipped with the tools and environment to excel. We believe in nurturing talent, encouraging creativity, and fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone's voice is heard.

Interior Design

On-site - Full-time

The Interior Work / Furniture Quantity Surveyor will be responsible for managing and monitoring the costs of interior design and furniture projects. The ideal candidate will have experience in quantity surveying and a strong understanding of interior design and furniture materials, costs, and labor requirements. They will work closely with the design team, contractors, and suppliers to ensure that projects are delivered within budget and to the required quality standards.

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On-site - Full-time - Experience: 1 - 2 Years

The IMOS (Furniture CAD/CAM) Software Executive will play a pivotal role in managing and utilizing IMOS software, a specialized CAD/CAM system tailored for the furniture industry. The ideal candidate should have 1-2 years of experience with IMOS software and possess strong skills in using CAD/CAM tools to design and optimize furniture production processes. They will collaborate with various departments to streamline workflows, generate production plans, and ensure the efficient manufacturing of furniture.

Team Working in the System Room

On-site - Full-time - Experience: 1 - 2 Years

The MIS (Management Information Systems) Executive will play a crucial role in managing and analyzing data to support decision-making processes within the organization. The ideal candidate should have 1-2 years of relevant experience in data management, reporting, and analysis. They will be responsible for collecting, processing, and presenting data in a clear and concise manner to facilitate effective decision-making by management.


Join Our Team

We appreciate your interest in joining Flora Interior Solutions! When applying for a position, please choose to submit your application either through our official website or via LinkedIn, but not both platforms. This ensures a streamlined review process and helps us get back to you promptly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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